Sunday, September 19, 2010

What I Want Now- Mugs!

I am a bit disappointed in myself for not writing here more often! I've been working looooong hours since probably before labor day, making my ability and desire to cook or bake anything obsolete. Honestly, I am not sure I cooked a home made dinner at all during the work week for all of September so far. But... but... I want to keep this blog chugging along while hopefully things die down to normal at work and I can come home at respectable hours, make dinner and have plenty of weekend time to dive into more complicate bakery fun!

In the meantime though, it's time for another What I Want Now! post. In this post, I present to you, all things cute to drink your coffee/tea and anything else you see fit that should go into a mug.

1. I don't know why- but I just want this to carry around all my cold coffee drinks- it's how I prefer my coffee anyhow. Starbucks came out with a version last year or so, and I really wanted it then, but without the Starbucks logo. Guess I can make those dreams come true by owning a non logo one now! And it's quite the bargain at Fred Flare for only $10!

2. I think this may be the winner out of the 4- it's just so cool! I've been coveting this little mug for awhile- not sure why I never just buy these things. It's from this site Veer that is actually a site for licensing photos and fonts, but they have a cute little selection of merchandise for the looking. How I stumbled upon this site in the first place... I am not sure.... but I am glad I did.

3. Did you know that Little Red Riding Hood is one of the most banned books in America? Yes, it's true. You wanna know why? Because she carries a bottle of wine in her basket to bring to her grandma. Sigh- doesn't that just depress you? But this little tea mug won't! It's keep your tea leaves out of your tea and keep you smiling with how cute it is.  This 'better to brew you with' mug is from Mod Cloth.

4. And finally, we can also keep it simple with this simply put mug from Crate and Barrel. At $5.95 a mug- it's quite the bargain!

Hopefully I am in full swing this week and updating this blog more often... starting Tuesday... because honestly... I couldn't bring myself to do the laundry over the weekend and I may need to do it tomorrow!

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