Friday, March 25, 2011

Week Night Dinner- Chicken Caesar Salad

I have a few posts saved up and I need to start cranking them out! This is another week night dinner edition... brought to you on a Friday night where I did not cook dinner and instead had some takeout. But I mean well and that counts for something, yes?

This Chicken Caesar Salad was made one night last week for dinner. Homemade croutons, dressing and all. And it sure was good. I've never had such good tasting salad dressing at home before. And the best part was that is was almost too simple, I can't figure out why I've been buying the stuff from stores this whole time??  Seriously, the dressing will boggle your mind and change the way you buy salad dressing.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Take to Work Lunch: Greek Salad

I guess I may be spoiled. My work feeds me lunch everyday. And it's generally pretty good. But I've been trying to get on the healthy bandwagon and bring my own lunch to work lately. I've never been good about bringing my lunch to work. I usually half throw things together and- at least prior to my current job- would usually eat what I brought because I had no choice. It gets trickier when your work has lunch ready for you. Warm and tasty food generally speaking as well. It's easier to leave your brown bag in the fridge and just get in line for lunch. So in an attempt to make take to work lunches more appealing,

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Birthday Cake!!

Last week was Jason's birthday and I wanted to make him a cake. A Dreamcast cake to be more exact.  Some of you reading may wonder, what's a Dreamcast? Well if you were a kid or teenager of the late 90's you may recall it was a Sega gaming system. It happens to be Jason's favorite gaming system of all time, so what better way to celebrate a birthday than making a cake that looks like a Dreamcast? I'm not the first to do it either. Just google "Dreamcast cake" and you will find some results.