Sunday, July 11, 2010

Friday Night Kind of Pizza

Fridays are the best day of the week. Or let me rephrase that:  Friday nights, after you've left the office, are the best time of the week. You leave the all the unfinished work and nonsense behind.  That is what I try to do at least.

This Friday seemed perfect for some pizza and a movie at home. And due to two vet bills this past month and my aspirations for this blog, baking my own pizza sounded like a better way to go instead of getting one delivered or getting take out.  I usually like thin crust pizzas, but after a long week of work I wanted to make a hearty pizza for Jason and myself. I also did not want to go to the grocery store so I had to deal with what was in our fridge. So, we had ourselves a pretty big, not too thin crusted half Italian sausage and half mushroom pizza. I like the mushrooms, Jason likes the sausage.

I tried out a different pizza crust this time, from the Food Network site.  It was pretty basic, and pretty good if you're looking to make more of thicker crust pizza.  We each had two small slices and were pretty full, so it was a pretty filling pizza. Pizza, soda and some Netflix, that's how we like to spend our Friday nights de-stressing from work.

Friday Night Pizza
recipe for pizza crust
Marinara or any other bottle pasta sauce you have laying around
mozzarella cheese
handful of mushrooms, sliced
1 link of Italian sausage

1. Prep your pizza dough according to the recipe
2. Roll out dough
3. Pre-heat your oven to 495 degrees
4. Cook sausage and cut into small chunks
5. Saute mushrooms
6. Lather on as much or as little marinara sauce over your pizza dough
7. Toss on a small layer of cheese
8. Add your mushrooms and Italian sausage
9. Sprinkle on some more cheese
10. Toss into hot oven and bake for 15 minutes or until cheese is bubbly and browned

Now- I only wish it was Friday again!

Pizza Notes
- I don't really like to give measurements when making my own pizzas, because I have no clue how much I am really adding. You don't need them really (other than making the dough) because you can easily customize your pizza to your liking. Like lots of cheese? Then you can add loads of it. Want a pizza, but want to cut back on the grease? You can add less cheese or low fat cheese. Pizza making is a fun and easy way to experiment in the kitchen too. Dessert pizzas, CPK inspired pizzas,  simple pepperoni pizza- it's all really easy to do.
- Sauteing your mushrooms beforehand helps get out the water making for a non-soggy pizza!
-A baking stone will solve all your troubles of burnt pizza bottoms.

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