Sunday, July 25, 2010

What I Want Now- Kitchen Edition!

Lucky Magazine has or use to have this cool section where their editors would tell their readers 'what they want now!' for all things clothes, accessories, etc. and I thought it would be cool to do the same for baking and cooking related products.
Contrary to my previous post about only buying what you need for baking, cooking, etc., half the fun I have is exploring places like  Surlatable.comWilliams-Sonoma, and Surfas (a cool restaurant supply store in Culver City in Los Angeles), etc, etc, to see all their fun gadgets, accessories and products.  So ladies and gentlemen, drum roll please... I'd like to present WHAT I WANT NOW weekly posts, where I'll be showing you all the cool and neat things I find all related to baking. 

So while it may not make economical sense to purchase all these neat and frilly things out there, a girl can dream about them... right??

So let's talk about what I want right now!

1. Cupcake Liners[] These are super cute cupcake liners. I'm always hesitant to spend money on something that will readily be tossed away, but these are just so darn cute I may make an exception.
2. Glassine gift bags [] Every holiday when I bake I am always on the look out for cute packaging, but always end up with something with a snowman or something on it. With the discovery of restaurant supply stores and etsy I can now get cuter packaging. This etsy store I found will even take special requests for colors. Nice!
3. Gelato Spoons [] I can't think of a better waste of my money, but I've always loved gelato spoons.  This may give me a reason to figure out how to make watermelon gelato and then throw a gelato party!
4.Paper Straws [] Okay, these paper straws are everywhere. And they're not that cheap, if you think about what the average costs for straws are going for these days. But they are super cute and this website has some neat colors like gray.
5.Baker's Twine[] I can't recall how I found out about, but it's pretty much the best online store ever. Twine is also everywhere nowadays and with good reason. It's so multi-purposeful. Dress up a present, deck out your packaged baked goods. Oh how I love twine.This may be the one thing I go out and buy soon!

(*all photos taken from respective sites)

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  1. Such fun items. I'm definitely going to check these out.