Monday, May 30, 2011

New Category- Local Eats

Pretty Coffee
I'm planning on revamping my blog by categorizing my posts, fixing my labels and giving my blog a little face lift. My goal is to convert everything by the end of June. That should be plenty of time... yes?

One of my new categories I'd like to share with you is called "Local Eats." I live in the Los Angeles area and there are plenty of neat and interesting places to eat at and I thought it would be neat to share them with you... good experiences and bad.  Let's start with the good...

Place: The Conservatory for Coffee
Location: Culver City, CA (right across from Sony Studios)
What: Coffee Shop

I believe I found this gem from Yelp and I'm sure glad I did. Jason and I love to get coffee here on Saturday mornings. I love this place for many reasons. 1st, it's an independent coffee shop. 2nd, they make really good coffee. 3rd, it's literally a mom & pop shop and 4th, it's not run by hipsters! The staff are all very nice and put care into making your coffee.  Having just visited NYC and experiencing some local coffee shops, it's made me appreciate The Conservatory for Coffee even more because it's really the whole experience that makes going to coffee shops appealing to me. (I used to work at a coffee shop in college, by the way.) I've found that specialty coffee shops do make better foam and put in a bit more TLC in pulling their espresso, but the hipster vibe that I've found at these other coffee shops just doesn't do it for me and ruins the experience.

And that's why I like Conservatory for Coffee. One person takes your order and that same person makes your drink. They know what they're doing when they steam their milk and pull their shots. The prices are comparable to Starbucks, and with recent Starbucks rate hikes, they are likely cheaper. And the quality is so much better. Seriously. It's smooth strong coffee and velvety milk. My favorite drink is their vanilla iced latte, where they froth their milk by blending just the milk & vanilla in the blender before pouring it over ice and adding the espresso shots. Yum and genius!
Dreamy Vanilla Iced Latte

Jason and I only go here on Saturdays generally because they close at 6PM on weekdays and are closed on Sundays. If you're in the West LA area, I completely recommend you make a trip here. If you're not, check out their website, where you can order coffee beans online.

You will be hooked.

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