Sunday, June 5, 2011

Product Review- Salad Spinner!

Alright, this may or may not be a new category. I like buying fun little kitchen gadgets, but my wallet & kitchen cabinets prefer I do otherwise. See, sometimes I buy things because they are cute, but then I never use them and they take up space and also waste my money. But.... there are other times when I find something so neat (and hopefully on sale or cheap!) that I thought it would be worth sharing.

For the longest time I wanted to buy a salad spinner... seriously. I did. However, the going price for one of these gadgets to dry off my lettuce leaves was around $20 bucks. And $20 bucks to dry off some leaves of lettuce is too pricey for me.

Enter... Ikea. Ikea with all it's cheap and fun goodness. Sometimes Ikea products are a little too cheap & break or don't work as promised. So when I found a salad spinner for the nice price of $2.99, I thought... too good to be true. But at $3, it was well worth the risk to find out. And wouldn't you know? It's spins and dries my lettuce leaves oh so nicely. It really beats eating soggy salads! I completely recommend adding this little gadget to your kitchen cabinets, especially if you are a salad eater.

Get your own @ Ikea

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