Monday, April 11, 2011

German Chocolate Cake

March has the blessing of two birthdays in my family. My BF Jason's (see his birthday cake here ) and my dad's, which this post is about. My dad wanted a German Chocolate Cake. I thought this would be (pardon the pun.... hah) a piece of cake.
I  was going to use the same chocolate cake recipe that I used to make Jason's cake, and make my own homemade coconut-pecan frosting.

Well easier said than done. The frosting was complicated. First, I wanted to try and make the frosting without nuts. Second, every recipe on the internet called for heating up the mixture on the stove and adding egg whites to thicken the frosting, which is something I just really didn't want to do. But I did, I gave in and gave it a go. And, boy did I mess up. The eggs started to curdle near the end, so I had little pieces of egg white floating in my frosting. I tried to strain out the egg white solids, which worked, but the frosting had a really weird smell and didn't taste right. It looked right, but that was about it. So,  because of lack of eggs to try again and due to time constraints, I caved and bought store bought frosting. Two types, chocolate and coconut-pecan. And you know what? There's nothing wrong with store bought frosting- it's actually pretty good. And in this instance, I got to instead spend my time decorating the cake.
1. Frost the middle with coconut-pecan frosting

2. Frost the top with more coconut-pecan frosting & then frost the sides with chocolate frosting

3. Pipe a border on the top and bottom
Not bad for my first time- eh?

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