Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rice and Egg

Do you have a childhood dish that seems like only your family ever ate? When I was a kid, my mom used to make my sister and I rice & eggs. And it's exactly what it sounds like. Steamed white rice and a scrambled egg. We usually ate this for breakfast and if my mom was feeling fancy she would add mushrooms or green onion to the egg. Now I realize this may sound like a weird breakfast dish, but it really takes me back to my childhood & it's comfort food for me.

We would also sometimes eat this for lunch and get all fancy and eat it with some potato chips. (Yum!) To eat rice & egg, you would have a spoonful and eat the rice & egg in the same bite. We would crumble the potato chips in with each bite. It was a real treat. And now that I'm strolling down memory lane, we mostly ate this concoction with our hands. Yep. I think it's an asian thing, but we definitely did it. Not every meal of course & not every dish. But this dish in particular was an eat by hands kind of dish. I remember making little pyramids of rice with my hands and eating this dish. Ah, it does take my back.

Recently, I've re-discovered this dish. I've had it for breakfast the other day and as a late dinner as well. I've opted for the very quick microwavable brown rice from trader joes, but still scramble my two eggs and I still really enjoy this dish. While everyone might not go for this, it's still a pretty healthy dish (especially if you eat it with brown rice) and a good way to start your day. I recommend trying this at least once. Let me know what you think!

And out of curiosity, my 5 or so followers who may or may not read my blog... do you have any childhood dishes that no one else has ever heard of? I'm interested in knowing!

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  1. I really don't have any mother was not an inventive cook, at all...I love reading about your's though! Thanks!!