Saturday, July 9, 2011

Take to Work Lunch: Asian Inspired Salad

I can post "Take to Work Lunches" on Saturday right? Good. With the recent purchase of some cute lunch boxes called "Easy Lunch Boxes" and some planning and preparition on my part, I took my lunch to work 3 out of the 4 days this week. Which for me, who usually sleeps in a little too late and rushes out the door all while knowing if I don't pack a lunch,
I have a lunch waiting for me at work. I know, you may be thinking, well aren't you lucky?! But in all honesty, while it is a perk, the food is generally anything but healthy. It's like eat out everyday and I'd rather not do that.

So this week on Monday, I roasted some chicken breasts stripes simply coated in olive oil with salt and pepper. I allowed the chicken to cool and placed the pieces in the fridge. At some point on Monday I then gather ingredients and made Asian Inspired Salad for the week. It really came from the Thai Crunch Salad I had that same weekend at California Pizza Kitchen, but minus the crunch and peanutty dressing. I call it 'Asian Inspired' because its really not "asian", but has some asian charateristics. But in any terms, it was still quite delicious and perfect for these hot summer days.

Sliced chicken breast
Romaine lettuce
Jullienned carrots
Julliened English cucumber
Chopped Green Onion
Peanuts (not pictured in the pic)
Ken's Lite Asian Sesasme Dressing

I prepped all 3 lunches on Monday and just took one a day to work. Sure, I had the same thing for lunch 3 days in a row, but it was tasty and healthy! And I may do it again next week.

Happy Work Lunching!

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