Sunday, June 12, 2011

NYC Eats!

Last month Jason and I took a real honest to goodness vacation.  Unfortunately work stress from the past month made it seem like I never took any vacation and this stresses me out. Seriously. But with less complaining, I offer to you a snap shot of all the meals Jason and I ate while on vacation in New York City. Everything is captured with
exception of everything we ate while in Boston for 3 days because I didn't think to document this until afterwards and as well as one breakfast where I forgot to any pics. Mostly because my feet hurt so bad from all the walking, I just forgot.

I had lists from friends and the Internet on what to try out and we only tried two of those places. I really wanted to try bagels from Murray's but they were all the way in Greenwich Village and we were staying Murray Hill. Too far to trek for breakfast, especially when we were hungry the moment we got up each morning. Uh well... there is always next time. I seriously would like to live in New York City for the summer. Or for every summer... ah I digress.

Let's take a look at things we ate, shall we? And I am going to be a very awful blogger because I didn't take notes and can't tell you where all these places were or what they were called. But, for fun... a look at what we ate, starting from the upper left hand corner
1. Dan-Dan Noodle appetizer at a Chinese restaurant near our hotel. It was late, we were lazy and we just yelped the place. This was the best dish, and boy was it spicy.
2. Waldorf Chicken Salad at Pershing Square Cafe directly across from Grand Central Station. It was the first thing we saw while waiting to check into our hotel room. I was looking for some greens, but this salad was more like a chicken-salad salad... not bad, but not what I was after. This place was also pretty overpriced. I should have gotten it from the Waldorf Astoria Hotel instead.
3. Everything Bagel with chocolate milk for me and OJ for Jason- this was from Mendy's at Grand Central Station. I think we ate breakfast every morning at Grand Central. It's no ordinary food court, that is for sure. The bagel, however, was disappointing. It still doesn't compare to the bagel I get down the street on Saturdays in LA.
4. Pizza- we had this delivered to our hotel room one night. All the walking, getting lost, etc. we ended up crashing at the hotel around 7:00PM. Then, when we woke from our mid evening nap, we realized we were hungry, but too sore to walk anywhere so we ordered pizza. This place,  which I can't recall, was pretty darn good.
5.  Burger- Jason ate this burger at Pershing Square Cafe while I had the Waldorf Salad. He said it was a pretty good burger.
6. Chinese Food- these were our main dishes at the Chinese restaurant and accompany bullet point #1. The dishes came out a little too quick and way too greasy. They were really trying to rush us out.
7. Burgers, Shake & Tater Tots- We noticed Pop Burger from a window while looking around FAO Schwarz and decided to give it a shot. Nice little burgers in cute packaging with tater tots... what's not to love? We had lunch around 3-4 PM so no one was in there and service was a little bleh and the dining area a little messy. I think the butterscotch shake was the best thing about the place.
8. Waffle & Fruit- Delivery to the hotel for dinner one night. Again, we waited too late to eat dinner and found ourselves back at the hotel and finally hungry around 11:00PM, so we ordered in from a nearby place. Nothing like a nice waffle and fruit at 11:00 in the evening.
9.  Cookie, Cereal Milk Soft Serve Ice Cream and Coffee Milk- @ Momofuku Milk Bar in the East Village.  I have actually heard of this place prior to visiting and put it on my to do list for the simple reason that they had Cereal Milk Soft Serve Ice Cream. I think there are other locations because this was just a little hole in the wall across from one of their actual restaurants. The ice cream was good and interesting, but overpriced at $4. The blueberry and cream cookie was also good, but a little too greasy. I know cookies are all butter and all, but it was a little off. I think I can try and make this one myself. Lastly, Jason was not impressed by the coffeemilk, but we were all impressed with the packaging.
10. Chicken & Fries- This was Jason's dish that was delivered to our hotel room along with number 8.
11. Fries & dipping sauces-  This was another place I seeked out- Pomme Frites in the East Village. A former co-worker told me about a place that only served fries in NYC and I knew I had  to find this place. And I'm glad Jason and I did. Delicious fries with crazy sauces. Perfect afternoon snack when for the tourists who have been wandering around the city all day.  The black pepper -Parmesan dip was the best.
12. Deli Food- You can barely see these two dishes, but we did try out deli food at the food court in Grand Central.  Apparently Junior's is famous for cheesecake, but we didn't try any out. Instead Jason had roast beef with a nice side of horseradish sauce and I had a tuna on Challah bread. Both were pretty good and the service was great!
sooo good. Jason and I ate it all. It was a long day.
14. Macaroni- Lastly, there was Macaroni Macaroni in Greenwich Village. Jason, my friend Maggie and myself were cruising along and we found this place that served different types of Macaroni and Cheese. Sold. Maggie and I both got the Magherita Macaroni and Jason went with a Pizza Macaroni. It was too good to be true, a pretty good dish, but nothing to go out of the way for again. The gimmick did get us.

And, if you've read this long down.... thank you. NYC was a real journey and hope you enjoyed this little culinary eats journey.  Go ahead, you can point out that there wasn't much veggies or fruit.... I was on vacation afterall. I want to go back already, I heart that city.

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